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  • The need for real change in how dental marketing is done is painfully obvious. It is about time we did this the right way. Connect the dots to superior communication.

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    LEVEL 1  •  Project Development Assistance

     One Concept Created and Implemented to an Entire Campaign 

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    Brand Guidance & Project Assistance

    LEVEL 3  •  Connective Communication¬© System Consulting: 

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    Oliver Gonsalves, Niche Dental Marketing Co-Consultant

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    Dental Care, Dentists Visits Statistics

    While dentists like you see the statistics in graphic detail, too many patients and consumers are missing the message. The evidence is overwhelming...

    • • 50% of the population is not accessing dental care on a regular basis
    • • 40% of that 50% is actually considered to be high income consumers!
    • • On average 22% of the population will lose ALL of their teeth by age 65
    • • No increase in dental visits over the last 14 years!

         Other Site Resources: Tooth Loss Stats • Dental Visits Data

    The only way to make real strides is a connective approach...

    • • One-off marketing concepts too often merely tread water.
    • • Inflexible systems seriously limit your potential to provide consistently appropriate treatment.
    • • The lack of proactive, connective consistency greatly inhibits the enhancement of oral health appreciation.

    Where to start?

    Your OPTIONS.

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